WordPress 2.5 theme to Login-box

I finished the Login-box theme that copy the WordPress 2.5 appearance, as you can see the image above.

Click to get the new theme

Install it is very easy:

First, unpack the downloaded file and move the wp25 folder into login-box folder, which is in the WordPress plugins directory.

Now, open the login-box.php in a text-editor and change the line 11, replacing "wpclassic" to "wp25".

(Should be like @define("LB_THEME", "wp25"); )

Remember: Login-box only opens when you are not logged in system, so logout before test it.



Submitted by Jox on

Please check the theme in wordpress 2.9.2, doest work well :(

Submitted by soctimer on

please create the theme of wordpress 2.8

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