Introducing Login-box

Let's start this blog launching a WordPress plugin. It's the first plugin that I write to be released publicly. Although very simple, it seemed very useful according to my informal tests of usability.

Well, the plugin is called Login-box and its function is...

Login-box is a WordPress plugin that inserts in all your pages a login form, making faster the authentication process. As the Login-box is hidden, it doesn't draws attention of your readers to this part of the blog that doesn't interest them, but, for you (and the others editors of your blog), becomes quite practical to be opened with a simple combination of keys.

Simple, huh? Visit the Login-box page to see more info and download.

Ah! Yes, it uses the old theme of WordPress, used up to version 2.3.3. That's because I writed the Login-box before officially release of WordPress 2.5. However, this can be corrected easily through themes. That's right, themes! As with WordPress, the Login-box have themes support, that can be created if you know a little bit of CSS. So I will soon make available a theme that simulates the WordPress 2.5 login page.

Your theme

I don't wanted see all blogs with the same Login-boxes, so I already did the plugin thinking to supporting themes. Make your own theme is very simple, just need some knowledge of CSS. Take a look at the file style.css, included in the folder of the standard theme, wpclassic, and learn how it was done. If you share your theme, let me know by comments so that I can divulge it here.

Next versions

Do you have some ideas for the next versions of the Login-box? Leave a comment, say what you think can be added, or that can be removed or modified... Today, this may seem a joke, but your opinion is REALLY very important for us!

And again, to download the plugin, go to Login-box page!



I really like the idea of this plugin. I tried to install it on my blog running 2.6 and found that it wouldn't display the login-box as a popup. However, it does show it in the footer of the page when I'm logged out. Any ideas?

The same thing happens on both IE7 and FF2. You can see it on my test blog at


Submitted by stOrM on

Same problem here, when logged out the box appears on the footer as a large brown box...
I'm using WP 2.8.4
Hopefully you can help out, I really like your plugin and would be sad if I need to shutdown it...

Additional Question:
Is it a problem that my wp-config.php file isn't located on the default path?
I did that because for security reason so for now it sits on a path not available for public...

WP Plugins Folder would be here then:

Could it be a problem because I didn't touched any configuration files for your plugin yet...
Maybe I must adjust:
include '../../../wp-config.php';
from login-box.php but not sure about the path thing then? What would I add ?

kindest regards,

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