Feel lucky with Google Chrome

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Unless you has lived in a cave in the last 2 weeks, you problably already know the new browser of Google: Google Chrome. But, I will not talk the same thing that has been said in all the technology blogs of world.

The fact is that I, like any geek, already download and install the browser soon that I could. And now I'm using, even as my default browser.

One of the new features announced by Google is the multi-tasks address bar, called Omnibox: It can be used to enter directly into a particular site, or to do searches on Google and also to look for sites you have visited or are stored in your favorites. Still, you can also use it to search directly on other sites. You can use it, for example, to search for a product directly into Amazon, or an article on Wikipedia.

However, the default search engine of the browser is still Google, so enter a search term into the address bar is like to enter the home page of Google, type something and click "Search" and is shown shortly after the search results.

But, Firefox users already known a more practical browser, in which type something in the address bar leads them directly to the first site found in the search, as happens when you enter into Google and search using the "I'm Feeling Lucky".

It's a bit awful to migrate to a browser that does not contain such facility that is a trademark of Google, even more when the browser is developed by... Google?

In spite of contradictory opinion, it is easy to understand why Google does not implement the "I'm feeling lucky" as standard in Chrome: To avoid losing money. This feature, by not allowing to display of advertising, costs for the company's coffers about 110 million dollars a year. Looking for that angle, concluded that it is easier Yahoo! launch a browser with a large button "I'm feeling lucky" than Google.

To our lucky (no pun), you can change that and make the Chrome itself to behave like Firefox, showing the first page of results when you make a search. It is a very simple procedure.

First, we need to create a new search engine in Chrome. To do this, click on the address bar with the right mouse button, click "Edit search engines…" and then in the window that opens, click on "Add". Once that's done, fill in the fields "Name" and "Keyword" in the way he deemed appropriate and in field "URL", paste this address:

Then, just select the new search you just created and click "Make Default" for it to be used whenever you look for something in the address bar. As in Firefox!

Finally, we believe that the times you would like to use the old regular Google search, without falling directly on the first page. No problem. Find the old search engine default, which is usually the first and is named "Google", double-click on it to edit it and then assign a new keyword. I, for example, use g. So when you want to do a search and see the results page, just type "g the search term."



Submitted by hsc on

thanks for the cool tip and the concise manner of putting it

Submitted by Alexey Shelestenko on

thanks for the tip - just what I was looking for!!!

Submitted by Stephen on

It worked perfectly, thanks for the info!

Submitted by Nikhil on

thanks for the info

Submitted by Joshua on

Thanks it works great. I was really annoyed that it didn't have this feature from the start... but now i have it so everything is ok thanks so much

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